Connected Energy Savings

How it works?
1 Validate eligibility by speaking with an Avista representative. A site visit may be required.
2 Enroll in the program by signing the Customer Agreement. You may unenroll at any time.
3 If your business is eligible, a power meter, smart thermostats, and/or an energy management information system will be installed at no cost to you.
4 Equipment may automatically participate in occasional events that help the grid perform better during times of high energy usage. Your thermostats may shift within a comfortable 1–4-degree range.
5 Enjoy bill savings and enrollment incentives.
6 Receive performance incentives for participating in grid events.
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No Building Automation System

Small-Medium Business

Participants receive:

  • Free Smart Thermostats with remote access for each Rooftop Unit
  • Free efficiency optimization software
  • Estimated energy cost savings of up to 10-12% per year
  • Estimated bill credits up to $300 per year
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With a Building Automation System

Large Commercial

Participants receive:

  • Free energy audit and energy efficiency advisory service for duration of the pilot
  • Free Energy Management Information System
  • Estimated energy cost savings of up to 8-10% per year
  • Estimated bill credits up to $1000 per month*

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Arrow What is the Connected Communities Program?

This is a voluntary pilot program funded by the Department of Energy and other partners to enhance the grid by working with customers and building owners to reduce energy usage during peak grid events. Participants can receive equipment and/or energy advisory services at no cost. Participants can also receive financial incentives.

Arrow How long does this program last?

The pilot program continues until January 2028, at which time the customer agreement and incentives will end. Avista and their partners will reevaluate at that time.

Arrow What are the benefits for me?

Small & Medium Business

  • Free smart thermostat (includes installation costs) valued at $700
  • Free equipment optimization software
  • Energy cost savings of up to 10-12% per year
  • Bill credits up to $300 per year

Large Commercial Business

  • Free energy audit and energy efficiency advisory service for duration of program valued at $25,000
  • Free online Energy Management Information System
  • Energy cost savings of 8-10% per year
  • Bill credits up to $1,000 per month
Arrow What commitments are required of me in order to participate?
  • Consent to the terms of the customer agreement
  • Approve the install of an HVAC controls gateway
  • Participate in a 1 hour bi-annual meeting to review efficiency improvement opportunities
Arrow How do I know if my building is a Small to Medium Business or Large Commercial?

This pilot classifies Large Commercial buildings as those that have a digital HVAC controls or building automation system (BAS). All other commercial buildings are considered Small to Medium Business.

Arrow Does my landlord need to approve?

Yes. The landlord will need to sign the customer agreement.

Arrow How will my system be adjusted?

Temperature setpoints may be adjusted by up to 4 degrees during the event.

Arrow Can I opt out?

Small & Medium Business

Yes, you may opt out via the software provided with your new smart thermostat.

Large Commercial Business

Yes, you may decline an event by email or phone by 6:30 a.m. PT on the day of the requested event. You can also can manually adjust temperature setpoints at any time through your typical controls interface. Please note, opting out impacts your performance incentives.

Arrow How much can I get paid?

Small & Medium Business

SMB participants will receive a fixed monthly bill credit for participating in the program that is not tied to performance during grid events. An additional performance incentive will be offered to those that did not opt out of more than 20% of called events. Efficiency cost savings should also be considered when determining potential financial gains of participation.

Large Commercial Business

Incentives are based on committed capacity and performance.

Capacity Payments multiply the $50/kw-yr “kW rate” by “Delivered Capacity” or by the “Accepted Capacity” if no events were called in a billing period.

Performance Payments multiply the $0.20/kWh by the amount of energy reduced during events (against a baseline).

Arrow How is performance measured?

Small & Medium Business

The number of opt outs is recorded in the energy management software embedded on the smart thermostat.

Large Commercial Business

Capacity (kW) and energy (kWh) are both calculated based on data from the utility meter.