Connected Energy Rewards

How it works?
1 If you are a homeowner with internet, please validate eligibility by entering your address into the Eligibility validation. If you are eligible, complete the Application form to express your interest.
2 An Avista representative will contact you to schedule a site visit to ensure your HVAC system is compatible with the new thermostat.
3 Enroll in the program by signing the Customer Agreement. You may unenroll at any time.
4 A smart thermostat will be installed at no cost to you.
5 Equipment may automatically participate in occasional Flex Events that help the grid perform better during times of high energy usage. Your smart thermostat may shift within a comfortable 1–4-degree range.
6 Enjoy enrollment incentives as a monthly bill credit.
7 Receive annual performance incentives for participating in Flex Events with no more than three opt-outs.
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Base Package

ecobee Smart Thermostat

A new ecobee thermostat can be installed at no cost to you.

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Potential Add Ons

Energy-Efficient Enhancements

If recommended by an energy professional, the following items may be installed at no cost to you.

  • Attic insulation
  • $400/kW toward the purchase of an eligible battery

Sorry, but you do not meet the program criteria


Arrow What is the Connected Energy Program?

This is a voluntary pilot program funded by the Department of Energy and other partners to enhance the grid by working with customers and building owners to reduce energy usage during peak grid events. Participants can receive equipment and/or energy advisory services at no cost. Participants can also receive financial incentives.

Arrow How long does this program last?

The pilot program continues until January 2028, at which time the customer agreement and incentives will end. The customer will retain the equipment. Avista and their partners will reevaluate at that time.

Arrow What are the benefits for me?
  • Free Equipment including a $200 installed smart thermostat, and if eligible, up to $1,000 in insulation.
  • $10 Monthly participation bill credits and an annual performance bonus credit of $100 with no more than 3 Grid Event opt-outs.
  • $400/kW toward the purchase of an eligible battery
  • $15/kW annual battery participation bill credit with no more than 3 Grid Event opt-outs.
Arrow What commitments are required of me in order to participate?
  • Consent to the terms of the customer agreement
  • Be available for multi-visit home inspection and installation
Arrow Can I participate with my own device or another third-party device?

No, only equipment provided as part of the program may participate.

Arrow How will my system be adjusted?

During periods of high demand on the system, we may call a Flex Event. During a  Flex Event your thermostat face will turn Green and may be adjusted 1-4 degrees and if applicable, your battery may be dispatched to send power to the grid.

Avista may call a Flex Event up to fifty (50) times per year. Avista may call no more than two (2) Flex events per day. Each Flex Event counts toward the fifty (50) Flex Event-per-year maximum even if two (2) Flex Events occur in the same 24-hour period. Flex events may last between two and six (2-6) hours.

Arrow Can I opt out?

Residential customers can manually adjust their thermostat during a Flex event to opt out. Please note, opting out three or more times results in ineligibility for the annual performance reward.